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Rohan Last Part

30 Varshu House Time: -11: 30 AM (When Rohan and Ravi reach Varshu House, there are already Vishnu and Varsha, there Ravi gets angry after seeing all this, and moves towards Vishnu). (Then suddenly Vishnu folds his hands towards Rohan and Ravi, and says.) Vishnu Forgive me, friends, I have done all this for my… Read More »


One line story        Rohan owns an import-export company. In his house, Seema is his wife and a girl named Sina. And the two boys are Lakshya and Deep.       Rohan arrives at Varshu House with his family. Visiting it there, in the Varshu house. On the first night in Varshu House, Seema comes to the tap… Read More »