Six Warriors

By | 5th February 2020

There was a king who was very good and kind, who had two sons, the first son’s name was Ajay and the second son’s name was Vijay, both of them were the sons of their father and mother, one when the king and queen Raji were in the palace, then Senik came and Saluted the king and the queen and said, Maharaj came to you a letter and Senik gave the letter to the king and went away. The king said, “Who should have sent the letter, then the king opened the letter and the king started reading.”

I wrote and wrote at the top, Pranam Maharaj and started laughing, I am yours, I am your very old friend and started saying that there is such a crisis in the palace that you cannot even think and you started laughing out loud then the minister Maharaj asks what happened, whose letter is this and what is written in this letter,

then the king says that it is not known whose letter it is, and then the minister says who sent this letter, what is it Jan Bale did not write his name, then the king says if someone tells his name to his friend, he does not remain sad, then the mother says, Maharaj, what are you solving the puzzles,

what I wrote in that letter, I do not understand anything then the king The minister tells the letter about that letter, then the minister says that this letter can confuse the angle, which can be your long time ago, then the king says that we are soon Will be out soon known Berna she Dusman Raj could palace and our village team on crisis Basion then minister says |

Maharaj, how can we accept that sending a letter can really do some harm to the palace and the village, that some other person has written all this to give us a break.

Then the king says that now we will know all this ahead, then three days pass like this and the king warns his palace army and village residents.

It is night, the king and the minister did not tell anyone about the letter, then the minister and the king are talking about 11 o’clock, then the king also goes to his room and the minister also goes to his room.

Then it is one o’clock and all are sleeping, then suddenly the window starts rattling rapidly and the rattle opens, then the queen’s eyes suddenly open.

And when the queen goes to put the window, the queen suddenly sees someone’s shadow and the queen starts shouting, the king gets up and says to the queen what happened then the queen says.

I saw someone’s shadow here, then the king says, but you see the shadow, then the queen says, “Here the shadow was seen outside the window, then Maha Raj says,” The shadow says the queen.

Now the shadow was on it, then the king says, you must have seen the shadow of the trees, then the king says to the queen that there is nothing here but let’s sleep then the queen says.

You do not go anywhere, the king says, I do not live anything, let it be too late for the night, then the queen goes to sleep and the king starts thinking that she has not sent the letter to the truth.

The same crisis will come into the palace and the village, let’s tell the minister some things and then think about it, then the king goes to the minister’s room.

Then the three terrorists in the queen’s room start moving slowly and the light starts leaping and the curtain starts moving loudly, causing the lightning to fall into the curtains.

Then there is the fire in the curtains and gradually fails in the whole room, then the queen immediately wakes up and starts calling the king and shouting loudly.

That the room is on fire, then the king and the minister hear this objection, then the queen comes out of the room and the king and the minister come out of their room, then the queen is outside.

Then the queen tells the king that there is a fire in our room, then the king says that there is a fire, then the king and the minister go to the queen’s room.

 There is no fire in the room, then the king says to the queen that there is a fire, then the queen says that there was a fire right here, then the king says that there is nothing like it here.

Surely you must have had a bad dream, then the minister goes to his room, then the king and queen both fall asleep, then the minister suddenly comes to the sound of something falling from outside, then the minister comes out and the rose flower is broken down again The minister puts the slave’s pot on one side and starts going into the room when the sound of water comes from the bathroom, the minister goes to the bathroom, a black shadow comes from behind. The minister saw little and disappeared, then the minister says who is trying to scare me.

If you dare, come in front but no one comes, then the minister goes to the bathroom and sees that the bathroom basket is open, then the minister closes and then the bathroom door closes fast,

then Mother says which door is Open then the three souls come out of the door and say that I have come in front, now you cannot do anything to us, then the minister says, who are you, who has sent you? S Atmaa minister seems increasingly Gerene and Minister of Choro start moving around and says you I have nothing can go wrong and look Hsne out loud then minister are killing Atmayon but Atmayon find not even touched |

Then the three terrorists make the minister unconscious, the minister shouts from the bathroom, but the minister’s voice does not go outside the bathroom, then the minister throws the minister unconscious. The door does not open, then the miner says that this bathroom door is closed from inside.