Six warriors part 5

By | 9th February 2020

When you take your name and get yourself angry and the traitor is very much with your power Ajay and Vijay come in their real form as they throw a big trunk, which their Guru had given to them, they break that big rock with their sword, again they are the traitors. The brother who throws a rock on both of them, Ajay, by saying his magic ring, returns the rock back to that traitor.

If for a while, the traitor goes under that rock, so both the children feel that the magician Katkolraj has died, and then he rises so fast that the very big rock on top of him crushes. It happens.

And then Vijay says that he will not be killed, how will he die, then Ajay says that all the traitors have to have some break to die in such a way that there will be a break of this also, we will have to know that break only then that traitor can die but Till we do not know,

we will have to keep looking at it, then he says traitor, till date no one has been with me for so long, now you do not even know, then that traitor starts attacking the arrow with them. And Ajay takes to make Tiro his magical ring and walks towards the traitor he arrows become many arrows from one.

And half the arrows of that traitor’s arrow disappear and half the arrows fall into that traitor but arrows are not placed on that traitor’s forehead and arrows are everywhere, then after that TD, that arrow disappears from the traitor’s body.

Then he started moving fast in furious anger, then the wizard Katkolraj becomes very big and bangs one step ahead very fast, then there is a burst of what’s ground. After are rapidly deflates Ajay and Vijay out of both there

When Vijay kills his sword in the magic of that magician, that magician falls down and again the magician gets up in a while and starts laughing. Then Ajay thinks that when I shot arrows, arrows are in the body of the magician.

They were engaged, but a single arrow was not placed on his forehead, it does not mean that this magician will be able to die only by dying on his forehead that if he kills the magician, then both of them move away again. Y says whatever you try to do evil, but you cannot defeat the good, by cheating you think you have won for a while, but now you cannot live much, now no one can be wary of your end,

then Ajay can ring If the magician kills Katkolraj on the head with magical magic, that magician Katkolraj dies, then becomes a human form all the Katputilia and then Vijay asks.

Children, how did you reach there and how did Katkolraj make you a catapult? All those children said that we had come here after chasing a rabbit in the forest and then the same rabbit had become the magician Katkolraj and we asked the magician Katkolraj.

Then he started laughing, then that magician threw magical smoke on us, then we don’t remember anything Ajay says that now you all know that you should be alert and that of a rabbit Ice should not go the extra mile

Then Vijay says no one will know your house from here, Ajay then says that you look at your own house in mind, then Ajay gives his magic ring to all his children, only one of them is there and then Vijay Ask the lawyer that you do not want to go to your house,

then the boy says that I do not know where my house is and I have come from where Ajay says what are your names then that child Che said that I do not know my name, then the child reaches Ajay Guruji, then both the children go forward, then Ajay and Vijay find a child,

whoever the child was, which was made by Katkolraj made him a puppet, then Ajay Asked that your house was here, then the child says that you have to be told what you are doing here, then the child tells Vijay the whole thing and then the child says that our father G tell you everything shelve

Then Ajay says that your father is a con, then the child says that our father is the king of this kingdom, Nagdev, who will surely help you, then that child goes to Ajay and Vijay to his father, that child does not know.

If Nagdev sees the humans of any earth, then he gets very angry, then as soon as both Ajay and Vijay go to Nagdev, the father of that child, they You get angry that Nagdev comes in his true form and comes to kill both those children, then his son comes in front.

He says that Lord Shiva is to be removed from our face. He has killed our life and also you have come to ask something that his mother has also brought a lot of souls, so if she has come to teach her mother,

then she becomes a Nagdev and both children I am sorry that I could not stop my anger, then Ajay says that you got so angry after seeing us, then Nagdev says that it was a long time ago and my wife was in her palace when my daughter She came and said that I have to see these people and live on the earth, then Nagdev says that the shedding does not go to the earth, but the danger is bad, what will we know when I kill my daughter I felt that I have to go to the earth, then my wife also started saying that when Bo is saying so, then show me there, we will remain as such, no one will do anything, then I say that if you understand then my wife started saying If you look, then you will see this excuse