Six Warriors Part 4

By | 8th February 2020
Friends, this is the 4  part of Six Warriors. If you have not read the previous part of Six Warriors, please take the following link.

And then the king says that the queen and just before TD a man and a woman used to come. He was also saying that a boy and a woman have also disappeared yesterday, then the minister says that he is such a terror, people, and women of all the villages. It will disappear and no one will remain in this village and at this rate,

some people and women will go out of the village. And Rajmahal will take one person from the palace, then the Raj Guru says that to solve this problem,

a yajna has to be done, then the Rajguru and the king and the minister start the yagna, then the yagna is over and the Rajguru is able to know the TD a lot.

Whoever has disappeared, who has been taken away by terror, only his son can bring him back, that is, only his son can save the Queen and no one can go there and one thing May include the child who will be running in 12 years maybe the same child and her brother will be greater than two years,

it can be both there then Rajguru says how old your two sons must have been for many years, they had gone to Guruji’s ashram to learn Vidya, they want to see their birth dates,

then we want to see then the king tells the date of birth of both his sons and says that the age of your two sons is as much as we have told them, they have only one week left for that age,

you will have to do all the preparation soon. Then the king says that our How will the sons be able to win over those evil spirits and what will they be able to do if they succeed, then will my children also come back and the queen too?

 How can I put both my sons in the mouth of death, then Rajguru says that you have to send them or else there is no other solution and the winning villagers have disappeared and there are no other ways to stop them.

Your sons have also learned the skills that are needed to fight, now you have to prepare within a week, then the king says that we will give both our sons B Balayu again Rajgoro says that you should not tell your two sons about your mother,

because then they will be broken in half, then the king says that they will not tell both of them, then it is 5 days. On 6 days, the king calls both his sons Le Hien and both sons come for a short stay and say that my mother has said, then Maharaj says that she has gone out of some work,

then both sons say that we have learned your knowledge, you wanted to tell me something.

Then Maharaj says that there is a very bad Bart that there is a great crisis in the village and the palace, half of the village has taken away the hairs and two souls every day.

She takes the lives to know, then the Raj Guru comes.

And both of them tell everything to their sons, then soon the Rajguru tells both of them that you have to go to Vaha tonight at 12 o’clock because the path of Wahaha is found only at 12 o’clock at night. Then Maharaj would say to both of his sons. If you are successful,

the commissions are then held at 12 o’clock at night, when only the two sons are ready and they are going to know, then the king and the Rajguru say that you are never in war Do not give up,

you have to face fast and you do not ever think alone because you will meet your partner, then both of them come from there and then they both move forward, then Vijay says that the fire is burning here.

Then Ajay says that you know what Guruji had said that one thing must be understood in his future that it is not what it looks like, then Vijay says what it means then Ajay Laughs that it means that there may be a fire burning here, there will be no fire, it should not burn the evil spirit fire to go further,

then it says Bijoy i.e. it does not make anyone go ahead with the terror Lets go, then Ajay puts a leaf on that fire but the flowering leaves do not appear on the shed,

but again Ajay leaves the leaf but the leaf does not even appear again. Vijay says that these leaves are not visible. It is said that Ajay is disappearing, then Ajay says that this path is the one that opens for 12 months Ajay says that we have to go inside this fire soon because we do not have much time left,

then both of them go into the fire. As soon as we go into that fire, they reach another world, then Vijay says, “We have come,” and then Vijay says that it is our only way from here.

Then both of them move forward, then someone starts falling on him and he starts laughing out loud.

Then Ajay says that there is an angle here which is laughing, then he comes in front, then he becomes a traitor. It is said that the two puppets have got together and started laughing.

Then Ajay says that you are the one who is talking about the cut putalia. Then he says that till today no one has stood in front of me and said something in a loud voice. You are like an ant in front of me.

What are you that I am a wizard Katakolraj who makes a man of a man, I will make a man and his son, I will make him a puppet and soon Sen And then this land will become one of the people of the king because I am the magician Katkolraj who does the insane, and then Ajay says that stop fearing us