Six Warriors Part 3

By | 7th February 2020

Friends, this is the 3  part of Six Warriors. If you have not read the first part and second of Six Warriors, please take the following link.

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Then he must have been called Raju, then the gatekeeper says that no one has gone from here last night to here. We watched carefully then both Sanjay and Ajay go to the palace and go to tell the king and tell the king, then the king says that this is why someone has got a bad eye in this palace, so the minister tried to die. But the minister survived, then the king says that when the minister was unconscious. So who first came to know and when Knocker thinks and says that Raju came to know first, then the King understands and the King engages all the Knokaro in their work.

And the king summons the minister to his room and says that I had received a letter here, in which it was written that the first one survived but the second one went and a picture has been made on the death, this map looks like a bathroom. Was able to but now understood what is going to happen next.

But whoever they are, they are the drivers, they first do it and then they give the initiative to solve it. Then the minister says that today there is a knocker cow and how many knockers will disappear from here, then some knockers will come to work in this palace and this Fear will fail in the palace, then this palace will be deserted and this palace will start to bite, then the king says nothing will happen, we will not let this happens, then a woman came to the palace and said that my daughter Take my daughter, save me and start crying, then the minister tells the woman what happened, tell me the truth, then the woman says yesterday, and when my daughter started sleeping after eating, my daughter went out a little when she started screaming and said My mother went to save me and went inside immediately, so my daughter was sitting in a corner of fear. I asked what happened, why are you so scared? Then my daughter said.

When you went out, then a shadow started moving towards me, I started laughing and started saying that all the villages and the palace here will be ruined and here my secret will go. I said that you are the one who destroyed this village and the palace Started doing what you want, then saw her gross and I started screaming and then you have come here she had said one more thing.

One by one, all the daughters and all of them live, take each member of the life, live in a village, make it difficult for everyone to live, then the daughter says to her mother, mother, take me, she will take me. He slept on the same, then woke up in the morning, my daughter was not there, then I came here and then let the woman stay in the palace.

Then both the king and the minister say that now it seems that some enemy has sent some evil power to the palace, we have to find a solution to that problem, then it is night.

When the people fell asleep and then it was 12 o’clock, then the queen woke up and started drinking water and the queen saw that there was no water in the world, then the queen went out to fetch water in the world, then at 5 o’clock it was 5 minutes. He drank water and filled the water in the world and the queen was about to enter her room. The door of the 12 o’clock room is closed within. The queen suddenly got scared of how did she find herself and a man slowly. Approaching Harani felt

The Empress calls out to the King but Maharaj could not find the voice of the Empress, then the ghost came out of the door of Achanak Maharani’s room, then the Empress fell in love with her and shouted loudly, no one could get up immediately. She tried to open the door but that hand of the ghost came on her, then Bo went to sing the ghost. And together they took a boy from a village of Bhootni. Both Bhootni and Bhootni were taking the Empress there and took all the three lives together.

When Maharaj woke up, he saw that the Empress is not in bed, then she started looking out quickly but the queen could not even look at Kahi, then Maharaj asked the minister about the Queen, but the Minister did not even know anything about the Queen, then the King On Baha asked everyone, but everyone said that we did not see the Queen,

then the Minister told the king that the Queen did not go out or the Maharaj was on the roof saying that The queen cannot go like this without telling, then the minister said that when the empress cannot go outside without telling, then the queen has not gone to the roof without telling her. The Maharaji found the leader, he started saying that he is the leader of the empress, then the Maharaja started crying and he started saying that the terrorists took my queen too, then the minister says that you don’t cry at all and we Raj Guru and many of his pandits should be called about that soul.

Then the minister and the king come down from the roof and the Maharaja says to the seniors that call the Raj Guru and the senik then go to call the Rajguru. Then, when you meet the Sevak of the Raj Guru there, you ask the soldiers. Ke Raj was called Guru, then the servant said that Raj Guru will be done from Rajpur village in a while.

Then Senik used to say that when Raj Guru Ji comes here, then tell that the king has called in the palace.

Then, so many people come to this place, then the military tells the Rajguru all the things and the Senik and Raj Guru reach the Raj Mahal.