Six Warriors part 2

By | 6th February 2020

Friends, this is the second part of Six Warriors. If you have not read the first part of Six Warriors, please take the following link.

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Then the servant says if there is no one inside the bathroom, then Nokar goes to the king and says that the door of the minister’s bathroom is locked from within, maybe the minister is not unconscious inside the bathroom because the minister has not left since morning.

Then the king says that the bathroom door is broken, then the door of the bathroom is broken and the minister is lying unconscious and then takes the minister to the room soon.

And when they sprinkle water on the minister, the minister starts to become conscious and the mother is fully conscious and the king says what happened that you fell in the bathroom and fainted then the minister says When I was going from my room to my room last night, then the rose flower fell from my back, then I picked it up and put it aside and started going to my room when the sound came from the bathroom, then I went to the bathroom When a person came from behind me, I looked behind me, I saw a shadow and disappeared, then I went inside the bathroom, the bathroom tap was open, then I went to shut it. The bathroom door closed from outside and the three terrorists came inside the bathroom and knocked me unconscious.

Then the mother says that I cannot see anything, I am getting sleepy, then the king is a minister. It is said that you go to sleep and the king and everyone come out and then go to the king and tell them that you stay here and take care of the minister, then the miner stops at the same, then the minister falls asleep and then it becomes night They all fall asleep then the minister has a dream.

When the minion is sleeping, then there is a glass of wetness, then the sleep of the miner suddenly opens, then the miner wakes up and goes out of the room, then the miner gets the glass of the glass, then the miner goes to take the glass of the glass and the glass of the glass They lift up then the minion moves towards their room, then some of the embers come from the bathroom, then the minion comes to the bathroom and then if the emissary comes from the bathroom, then the miner senses that The tap of the room.

Maybe someone is under the bathroom, then the nozzle turns towards the bathroom, then the door of the bathroom is open, then the knocker says that no one has closed the drain and must have gone and look around, then there is no one there, then the knocker of the bathroom Goes inside and closes the faucet, then the knuckle comes out of the bathroom and starts to sit in the bathroom, then the tap starts dripping from the bathroom and the knocker gets scared.

What is happening today is that the glass was first broken, the faucet was opened and I am putting a door so now how can the faucet be opened again?

Then Knocker opens the door slowly and goes ahead and closes the tap faucet and then immediately starts the bathroom door.

Knocker becomes even more frightened as soon as he goes to open the bathroom door, the door does not open and the knocker The different sounds of scary sounds are unknown and the knocker is so scared that even the noise of the knocker was not able to remove and all the taps of the bathroom open automatically.

Has to find then he starts shouting loudly, Someone saves me from these souls, On hearing his voice, the minister sent another knocker, seeing that he started shouting as well, then three terrorists come and start laughing.

Why are you hurting your mouth because your voice will not go to that minion, your voice cannot come out of this bathroom, then the miner says, “Who are you with those souls who are behind us?

Leave me, then the three terrorists start laughing.” The minion disappears from that bathroom, then it is morning and it becomes there as before, the minister gets up and the minister does not remember anything and all the tip is in the morning And he gets engaged in his work only when a miner says that he did not come, then Sanjay servant said, who did not come today, then he says that Raju does not come again, then Sanjay says no, then tomorrow for the whole day.

Was but now it can be said, then Sanjay Nokar says, let’s go to Raju’s house and see if Raju’s health has not deteriorated, then when he goes to Raju’s house, no one gets there, then there is Raju’s wife The Ilti and Raju’s wife, they said Raju both asks and says Raju’s wife

That my husband was in the palace itself. They did not come here because they said they are not in the palace, does Sanjay speak again?

We ourselves do not know that Raju has been called, because Raju is not in the palace, then Ajay Nokar who was with Sanjay said that we ask the Draupals that Raju has been asked.

Then both Sanjay and Ajay went to the palace gatekeepers and said if you were on leave yesterday, then the gatekeepers say gatekeepers. No, we were not on leave yesterday and someone was on leave, then the gatekeeper says. That, someone, was not on leave yesterday, it was a holiday, then Ajay says to the gatekeeper that you did not go even at night. The gatekeeper says We were doing our duty on the night too.

Then the gatekeeper says, what happened to us yesterday You are asking about Ajay, then Ajay says that Raju is not seen since yesterday nor did he go home nor is he inside the palace.