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One line story

       Rohan owns an import-export company. In his house, Seema is his wife and a girl named Sina. And the two boys are Lakshya and Deep.

      Rohan arrives at Varshu House with his family. Visiting it there, in the Varshu house. On the first night in Varshu House, Seema comes to the tap from the bathroom. And understand that Sina will be there but on the second morning Sina shows that she was sleeping.

And then Seema sleeps at night. And see that someone is hanging from the fan. And she cries out loud and only then does Rohan’s sleep open to all the members of the house.

Then Rohan says, all these are happening due to fatigue. And then comes a servant named Vijay, to Rohan’s house. Seema goes to take a bath after telling her work.

Seema feels that someone is touching her back. She looks back. So victory is visible. And then she screams out loud. That’s when the sound comes from outside.

What happened is Mem Saab says Seema. There was a cockroach. That same night again 11:30 Seema’s sleep opens, and she gets the sound of someone screaming.

And then they both go out and see, then there seems to be a victory. Rohan scolds Vijay but Vijay says, I just came to see him. And then all the members of the house fall asleep.

On the second morning, Seema called her friend (Deepa) and told her the dardhahal and Deepa took her to Prof. Adityanath. Prof. Adityanath does something like this. Which assures the boundary.

That there is a ghost in this house. Then at 11:30 that night, Seema falls asleep and sees a man standing at the door with a big ax. On seeing this, a man attacks him.

And Seema runs away from it. And run away, she goes into such a forest. In which the heads of humans are hanging on the side. And then the man turns the ax.

And Seema shouts and she realizes that she is in bed. Then comes the voice of Vijay shouting from outside. When they go to see. So bring rain on all four sides. After seeing this, everyone thinks that who is it? This rain

The next morning Rohan calls Ravi. And asks him, are these houses of any rain? Ravi tells us that this is not Vishnu’s home. That’s when Rohan stops Ravi.

And says Varshu Varsha and Vishnu are quite similar names. And then after a lot of investigation, they get rain. Vishnu also comes after receiving rain. Apologies to Rohan.

And also says. There are no ghosts in this house. I did all this to get my love. Also tells. Victory is not a servant. It is a friend of Vishnu. Who came here to help him. Rohan and Seema forgive them.

And then a true lover finds his girlfriend.

Writer – Vishnu Kumar

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