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Location– Inside the home, Effect-morning, Property- Inside home setup, Character– Rohan, Rohan’s mom and dad, Riya and Rohan’s aunty.

Rohan’s father takes a bath and walks out of the bathroom. Looking at the clock, they shout to Jo.

Father –

Rohan …….

 Rohan comes running and asks …….

Rohan –

What’s the matter, father?


You do not know, your sister Riya is coming today? She will celebrate her birthday with all of us this time… Now go quickly and bring your sister, yes and listen… You take your new car which you have bought tomorrow… it will be nice,

Rohan –

But my friend has taken my car in the morning … and the driver also took your car saying that the car has to be checked.

Father –

Okay, so you go to the station by taking someone’s car or renting it? He will be very happy.

Rohan –

Hey, is she a little girl who can’t come? Why will you worry about taking a taxi or an auto?

Father –

Saying that you are not ashamed? Will the daughter of the house come in a taxi or auto, despite having vehicles in the house?

Rohan –

Ok you go I have a lot of work I can’t go

Father –

You do not care a bit about your sister? Did the sister become alien after getting married? Is he not entitled to love us all? As much of your authority is in this house, so is your sister. No daughter or sister is alien after leaving her maternal home.

Rohan –

But for me, she is alien and only I have the right to this house.

Tadak …!

Suddenly Dad’s hand gets up on Rohan,

And then the mother comes.

Mummy –

If you are ashamed, then who would get up on such a young son?

Father –

You didn’t hear what it said? It is the same sister who calls her sister estranged, who did not part with it for a moment and took care of it every moment. She used to buy something for this too after saving from pocket money. Even when we were parting, we cried more than my brother in a hug. And today he calls the same sister alien.

Rohan –

(Smiling) Bua also has a birthday today, Papa … She has come to this house many times but every time she has come from Otto … You never took your car and went to pick them … But yesterday she was also very rich. You have helped and supported me openly in this house.

The aunt was also departed from this house, then she gave Riya and what is the difference between aunt.

Riya is my sister and my aunt is also your sister.

Papa… you are my guide, you are my hero, but this is why I cry in Harpal alone.

 That is when the sound of stopping the vehicle comes out…

Till then, the father also repented of Rohan’s words

Started crying in the fire and Rohan here

That Riya hugs Papa Mummy…

But seeing their condition, they ask what happened, Papa?

father –

Your brother has also become my father today.

Riya –

A. Crazy … !!

New car?

It is very good that I have driven the driver back and myself and the color is also of my choice.

Rohan –

happy birthday to you … that car is yours and from our side you birthday gift .. !!

Sister leaps with joy upon hearing that only then aunt comes inside.

father’s sister –

Brother too, don’t you?

No phone no news

Suddenly you sent the car, I came running happily

It felt like Papa is still alive…

Here Dad looks at Rohan with tears in his eyelids

And Rohan points to Papa to be silent.





Location– Inside the home, Effect-morning, Property– Inside home setup, Character– ANCHOR (VISHNU KUMAR).

Vishnu Kumar-

So you all saw how Rohan reunited his broken family and also strengthened the relationship between his brother and father.

Daughter and sister

These are two very precious words

Those who are very young. Because after marriage, the daughter and sister become someone’s wife, someone’s sister-in-law and someone’s daughter-in-law.

Perhaps the girls must have come to this house because… they must have felt so much to hear the words daughter and sister again….

Relationships are relationships and they are also unbreakable, which, if never broken, one should appreciate each other, whether the relationship is from parents or sister. Be it from friends or from someone special.

Once the path is broken, then the pairs are not quickly joined, and the road becomes strong only when we treat each other well.

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