Top ten movie on January 2020

Welcome to Vishnu k film, Today we will talk about the top ten movies released in January 2020, in this list, we will give the highest-earning movie first. So let’s start ten numbers 10 Gul makai Box office collection.11 crore  Amjad Khan is the director of Gul makai Movie. The producers of this film are… Read More »

Rohan Last Part

30 Varshu House Time: -11: 30 AM (When Rohan and Ravi reach Varshu House, there are already Vishnu and Varsha, there Ravi gets angry after seeing all this, and moves towards Vishnu). (Then suddenly Vishnu folds his hands towards Rohan and Ravi, and says.) Vishnu Forgive me, friends, I have done all this for my… Read More »

Rohan Part 6

26 College Time: -2: 50 PM (At the college gate, where are the inquiry centers, Ravi asks the watchman….) Watchman Yes on the right side. Ravi Thanks … Watchman Welcome …… (Both Ravi and Rohan go there and ask about Vishnu.) Ravi Madam, here is a boy named Mr. Vishnu taking a course from your… Read More »

Rohan Part 5

20 Bank Time: -2: 30 PM Ravi Sir, we need the details of Mr. Vishnu…. Manager Vishnu has a lot of Vishnu here at the detail… so what details should everyone give? Rohan Vishnu who took a home loan from your bank, but he did not repay the loan, otherwise you guys got the house… Read More »

Rohan part 4

17 Time: -11: 30 PM (Seema’s sleep opens up.) (Seeing that someone is standing at the door with a big ax covered with water, seeing this, they move towards him, Seema runs away for fear of seeing her, running away and screaming, she reaches into a dense forest. , Where a lot of heads are… Read More »

Rohan part 2

1 Marriage court Time: -11: 00 AM Registrar officer Congratulations, now both of you are husband and wife ……. (Everyone starts clapping, and congratulating them.) Rohan congratulation enjoys your life. Karan Thanks, man…. Seema Now you will forget us, no. Priya No man, how can I forget you, after all, you are my best friend.… Read More »


One line story        Rohan owns an import-export company. In his house, Seema is his wife and a girl named Sina. And the two boys are Lakshya and Deep.       Rohan arrives at Varshu House with his family. Visiting it there, in the Varshu house. On the first night in Varshu House, Seema comes to the tap… Read More »

Six warriors part 5

When you take your name and get yourself angry and the traitor is very much with your power Ajay and Vijay come in their real form as they throw a big trunk, which their Guru had given to them, they break that big rock with their sword, again they are the traitors. The brother who… Read More »

Six Warriors Part 4

Friends, this is the 4  part of Six Warriors. If you have not read the previous part of Six Warriors, please take the following link. And then the king says that the queen and just before TD a man and a woman used to come. He was also saying that a boy and a woman… Read More »

Six Warriors Part 3

Friends, this is the 3  part of Six Warriors. If you have not read the first part and second of Six Warriors, please take the following link. Thank you Then he must have been called Raju, then the gatekeeper says that no one has gone from here last night to here. We watched carefully then… Read More »