Bus Stop A love story

By | 29th January 2020


Bus Stop Ek Prem Katha is this fictional love story.

This story is about a boy. Those who arrive late at the office every day. The reason for that is his bus. Which was left daily? One day suddenly a beautiful girl leaves him in his office in front of him in his car. And they last for a few days and then both of them fall in love.

Friends, this story is completely fictional. And I have written this story purely for your entertainment. I hope you all will like this book written by me.

Thank you

Your dear

Vishnu Kumar

Hello friends, I am Vishnu Kumar. “Bus Stop Ek Prem Katha” This is my second book. My first book is “Warshu House Mystery Story”. Which is published in April 2019 from Rigi Publication?



Hello friends, I hope Vishnu Kumar from all of you, that you all will like Varshu House. Let me tell you some interesting things about this book. This is the story of a boy who loves unarmed with a girl. There is a mixture of love, fear, anger, greed, courage, friendship, cooperation, etc. in this story. The hero of this story is Rohan. Who goes to live with his family in Varshu House. He finds it there. That there are some in this house. And finally, a lover and girlfriend meet.

I have written this story completely for your entertainment.

I hope you all will like this book written by me.

Thank you

Your dear

Vishnu Kumar


Day one

          The story starts at the bus stop. When Bunty (age 24) was waiting for the bus like daily. And he used to look at his watch again and again, without knowing who was trying to make money. Suddenly a beautiful girl in a B M W says down the couch of the car. Come, I will leave you. Says Bunty. But I do not even know you, then why will you leave me? This is what the girl says. But I know you very well. You come every day after 2 minutes of settling down and look at the clock again and again and grimace. Perhaps you even hear the boss’s data in the office. Anyway, I stay in front. So I see your daily schedule. I am going here today So thought to help you. Come sit, Bunty sits down. And ask. What is your name Vaishali (age 22) and his ‘Bunty’ is called Bunty? Says Bunty. He is to go to the side of the Bali building. I do the same thing. And then Vaishali goes to take off Bunty.


Second day

          On the second morning, Bunti comes crashing. But the same thing happens again today. Which used to happen every day. Then the same grinning started because the next bus used to come after 30 minutes. But after 2 minutes Vaishali came in her car. And where come Mr. Let I drop. And Bunty sits quietly in the car. Vaishali asks. How do you get late every day Says Bunty? While washing the bath and cooking, Vaishali asks smiling slightly. Do you live alone? Where is your wife? Wife, how is my wife, I am not even married yet. I am still married. And you, you are married. What, not so, I am still a virgin. In this way, Bunty’s office comes. And then drops Vaanthi and goes to Vaishali.

          A friend of Bunty in the office tells Bunty. What a matter Dude, you come soon today. Don’t you miss the bus now? Says Bunty. Today I come by car. His friend from the car says. Whose car is it Are some girls The girl named Vaishali, does not love you when she is living. Otherwise, no one helps anyone in this world. Don’t know a man and then goes on smiling.


third day

          On the third day, Bunty’s bus is missed. And Vaishali brings her car again. And stop in front of Bunty. Bunty sits quietly in it. And Vaishali also quietly leaves her office.


Fourth day

          On the fourth day, he misses his bus there only. And he waits for Vaishali. The wait gets so long. That comes on the second bus. And Bunty leaves the bus. And stand at the same bus stop. And some think. That’s when Vaishali comes there. And she says. Why did you just leave Bunty remains silent. Vaishali then asks. Tell me why I do not know but my feet have not risen, says Bunty. Vaishali says. After all, why did not your feet arise, perhaps I was waiting for you. Bunty said no to the bus. Why Vaishali says. Maybe I like it. It seems to be. I am in love with you. Maybe you too told me Bunty. A foolish Vaishali said, “What do I do?” Love you Bunty bouncing the bag up with her hand, said Yahoo and Vaishali smiled. Then bid to go to the office today. No, not Bunty, I got a promotion today. In love and you say you have to go to the office. No, today we have to bunk jobs.

          Today, the whole day will be full of fun till evening. Vaishali says no, I have some work today, tomorrow. Bunty says, “Oh man, what is the work today.” Which you cannot live with me today. Vaishali says. My father was killed on this day. And he has only a year to go. So she is his daughter today. That is why I cannot go Bunty says, can I join your grief. Vaishali says, yes, why not come at 7 o’clock this evening and go to the office now. Yes, Bunty says.

          At 7 pm, Bunty arrives at Vaishali’s house. And also meets Vaishali’s maternal uncle, uncle and aunt and also relative relatives. And then Vaishali introduces a young lady. The age of which will be around 35-36. Which will be about 12-13 years older than Vaishali’s age. Vaishali says she is mine. This gives a lot of resistance. They say, I tell. And says, she is your elder sister. Vaishali says no, she is my mother. Bunty keeps listening to this. And manage themselves. And sit with everyone in worship. After the worship is over, says Vaishali’s mother. Bunty you come tomorrow and leave all the relatives.